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Conchita Studio

Conchita Studio, a unique artistic space in the heart of Old Town Key West. Founded by local artists- Jasmine Jones & Katlin Spain, their passion for art led them to create a space where artists can work, exhibit and connect with their audience. They envisioned a place where the artistic process could be appreciated and celebrated, not just the final product. Conchita Studio is a place where you can immerse yourself in the creative process. You can witness the evolution of artworks from sketches and drafts to the finished product. Jasmine and Katlin believe that this behind-the-scenes experience can deepen one’s appreciation of the artwork and the artist’s vision.

In addition to their own work, Jasmine and Katlin curate a collection of local artists and artisans from around the Florida Keys. The gallery features a diverse range of art styles, as well as artisan goods like candles, jewelry trays, coasters and jewelry- all locally made! You can also attend exhibitions, paint & sip classes, and events that bring together the community of artists and art lovers. You can learn about new techniques, exchange ideas and connect with like-minded individuals.