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Ice Cream Shops


Ice Cream ShopsItalian Restaurants

If you’re a fan of real Italian pizza with crisp crusts and perfectly seasoned tomato sauce, or creamy cool gelato, then Duetto is the place for you. Offering the best pizzas, panini and gelato this side of Italy. Duetto iconveniently located just steps off of Duval Street, offers the most delicious Italian food this side of Rome for anyone craving a taste of Italy. Eat in, take out or call for delivery.

Ice Cream Shops

Hot days call for cold treats. Even better… cold treats with pure and high quality ingredients. Häagen-Dazs embraces this philosophy and as a result, serves some of the best ice cream, sorbet, and frozen yogurt possible! For 50 years, Häagen-Dazs has dedicated themselves to create the perfect ice cream. So try some at either of the Key West locations.