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REEF Florida Keys Lionfish Tournament


August 15, 2024 - August 18, 2024
All Day

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The REEF Florida Keys Lionfish Tournament is an annual event held to raise awareness about the invasive lionfish and to encourage their removal from the Florida Keys reef system. The tournament is open to all divers, snorkelers, and spearfishers, and participants can compete for prizes by catching and submitting lionfish.

The tournament is held over a two-day period, and participants can submit their lionfish catches at any of the participating dive shops. The lionfish are then weighed and measured, and the top three heaviest and longest lionfish in each category are awarded prizes.

The REEF Florida Keys Lionfish Tournament is a fun and educational event that helps to protect the Florida Keys reef system. By participating in the tournament, you can help to reduce the population of lionfish and make a positive impact on the environment.