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Lobster MINI Season


July 26, 2023 - July 27, 2023
All Day

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For a 2-day period before lobster season starts in Florida, the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission opens up the Lobster Sport Season, locally known as “mini season,” where Keys residents and visitors alike take to the shallow waters in search of Florida spiny lobster. Now for a couple of fun facts about the lobster we have down here. Did you know that the lobster we have in the Caribbean is different from the cold-water lobster found in the Northeast United States? Taste-wise, Spiny Lobster is known as the sweeter counterpart to the North American Lobster and also doesn’t have any claw meat since they don’t have claws! If you decide not to venture into the waters of the Keys, make sure to check out the Spiny Lobster in the Key West Aquarium!

Always make sure to check here, to verify dates and regulations with the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission.

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