FKCC Swim Around Key West

Date(s) - June 15, 2019
All Day

Florida Keys Community College Library & Gallery

The Key West Open Water Swims will begin after the start of the Florida Keys Community College Swim Around Key West. The race will begin at Smathers Beach (2601 S Roosevelt Blvd. Key West, FL 33040) and head towards the permanently secured poles marking the swim area. Pass the first pole on your left and swim toward the other existing poles. Swim to the required pole for your race and pass on your left and head back to the first pole. You will swim pass the first pole on your right and swim back to the start/finish line. The race starts and ends in the water. The water depth around the poles is 4-8 feet. During the race, you will swim in pristine waters in the Atlantic Ocean. You can see fish, coral and even some turtles if you look close enough. Dolphins may try to join the race, however the best sight will of course be the mermaids/mermen swimming with you on your journey. (That is a separate category!)